Thank you for your curiosity!

Something had changed. I had turned 40. I found I couldn’t lose weight the way I had when I was younger.  I cut back on my calories and exercised more–just like the doctor prescribed. I would lose 10 pounds…but only 10 pounds. I tried Weight Watchers. My energy levels would plummet and I would eventually give in and just have some chips. Then I’d gain back 11 or 12 pounds. Rinse and repeat…again and again. Finally, I just gave up. This is just the way it is going to be…

Then I saw a photo my daughter took of me on vacation. That awful, unflattering photo was the inspiration I needed! I decided to try a low carb diet since I had been low carb before. I had once followed Mark Sisson’s Primal way of eating, years ago. It had worked at first when my will was strong, but eventually my 80/20 became 60/40.

I decided to try Atkins 40. About a month in my weight loss was stalling.  I was browsing for low carb recipes when I ended back on Maria Emmerich’s wonderful blog. I had used her recipes in my Primal days.  I remember purchasing her book Keto Adapted and reading it, all the while thinking this is way too extreme for me. I guess I just wasn’t ready for it…but the seed was planted.

That day I decided to just do it. What did I have to lose? I was already feeling terrible. I jumped in with two feet. About a month or so later my husband joined me…followed by my oldest daughter. Then my other daughter joined us. And my youngest, my son…well…he’s still adapting :).

We have all experienced weight loss, improved sleep, energy and mood, sharper thinking, deeper sleep, clearer skin, fewer aches and pains, and more.

My hope is that this site will help others understand the benefits of nutritional ketosis and the ketogenic diet. Maybe it will plant a seed in your mind the way Maria’s site did mine years ago.

I’m not a healthcare professional, a nutritionist, a doctor or a researcher. I’m a wife, a mother of three, a marketer, a nerd, a compulsive collector of recipes, and a Christian. The purpose of this site is to help spread the word about the ketogenic diet and the remarkable change it can make, promote others who know way more about it than me and to have a little fun along the way!